Testimonials and References

Sculpted for electrophysiology

20 mm range with 7 nm resolution

Zero drift solid-state technology

Zero electrical noise in recording mode

Easy to use pipette exchange mechanisms

Most compact and cost efficient multiple micromanipulator systems

micromanipulators on stage

Up to 14 manipulator systems with a single stand-alone controller

Fits to even most space constrained environments (e.g. imaging systems)

Integrated and easy to use pipette exchange mechanisms

Increase your success rate in microinjections

micromanipulator electrophysiology

Fast and precise positioning with easy pipette exchange

Piezo-drill feature for cell membrane impalements

Outstanding robustness towards vibrations

Perfect fit to imaging and optogenetics

micromanipulator imaging

Easy to install and use in tight space

High precision repeatable pipette positioning

Open-source PC-control interface

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