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Company was established in 2008 to commercialize new micropositioning technology developed in the Founder’s lab in the University of Oulu.


The first micromanipulator was shipped in December 2011 after several years of intense R&D. Close to 1000 manipulators have been delivered to date.

design from finland

Sensapex is based in northern Finland. We have global partner network and local office in USA to provide outstanding local support.

Proprietary positioning technology

Miniaturization • High precision • No drift • Digital integration • Powered off at rest

ZERO DRIFT technology

Our proprietary positioning technology with closed loop motion control is integrated to the manipulator itself! Its core is unique ZERO DRIFT linear piezo drive technology (US 9,138,892 B2). The system control architecture is also unique providing unlimited scalability with order of magnitude smaller control latencies.

Team and capabilities

Highly competent team with over 15 years average experience.

We make everything in Finland!

Great products are made by great individuals. Our integrated facilities in Oulu host own factory for the mechanic’s production, product assembly and testing, as well as R&D, product support, after sales and administrative functions.

You’re in good company.