Single Axis Micromanipulator

Cost efficient solutions available to upgrade existing stereotaxic frame with high precision single or triple axis manipulators!

Key features

  1. High precision add-on solutions for all common stereotaxic frames
  2. Zero drift solid-state drives with integrated closed-loop control
  3. 20 mm range with 7 nm resolution and 20 nm repeatability
  4. Compact battery operated controller (rechargeable)
  5. High acceleration piezo steps for tissue and cell penetration
  6. Controller display shows absolute and relative coordinates

Specifications – Micromanipulator


Positioning range20 mm
Step size / scan7 nm
Repeatability20 nm
Max. Speed 5 mm/s
Max.  Load70 g
Mountingrod mounting for 5-8 mm rods
Dimensions28×20×55 mm
Weight65 g
  • Standard accessories included to hold optic fiber or micropipette holders

Specifications – Controller


Six speedssingle step – max
BatteriesLi-ion (rechargeable)
AC charger90-264 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions190×210×40 mm
  • Rotary knob controller with versatile user interface
  • Shows absolute or relative positions
  • Configurable high acceleration piezo steps
  • Controls up to 14 single axis manipulators
  • USB computer intefrace with open-source SDK