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Dr. Liming He joined Sensapex as Applications Specialist

Dr. Liming He from the National Institutes of Health has joined the Sensapex team as Applications Specialist.

Liming comes from the lab of Dr. Ling-Gang Wu where she has been perfecting simultaneous pre- and post-synaptic patch clamp recording in the Calyx of Held, and developed a novel technique, cell-attached capacitance measurement, at the release face of nerve terminals. Novelty of these technically challenging experiments and significance of the findings led to two high profile publications (Nature 2006: Nov 2, 444(7115):102-5 & Nature: 2009 May 7, 459(7243):93-7). She is also an author in several other high impact publications where demanding electrophysiology has played central role.

We are proud and excited to have Liming on our team: based in the Washington DC area, she will be primarily supporting our current and prospective customers in the Americas and can be reached at and +1(240)-308-4389.