Leverage our cutting-edge high precision control technologies, in-house expert engineers, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to bring your next product to life. Simply outline your product requirements and let us create a tailored proposal for you.

Sensapex’s unique offering for OEM customers

      • Over 10 years’ experience in making high-precision motion products
      • In-house developed patented technologies
      • Mechanical engineering for ultra stable and high accuracy movement solutions
      • Compact electronics control platform for high-precision closed-loop motion and pressure controlling. The control platform is compatible with propriety piezo-drives, nano resolution sensors, 5-phase stepper motors and large set of Festo pressure regulators and valves.
      • Open-source SDK for easy integration to external control systems
      • Software engineering to support your integration and/or develop new features according to your requirements
      • State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to manufacture your product next to Sensapex’s own high-quality products

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