Focus on your application – we have already figured out the rest!

Sensapex products have been developed with automated research techniques in mind. We provide ready-made hardware platform with integrated system level features that enable implementing even most complex automations. We provide fully digital, versatile and short latency application interface through ethernet and open-source Sensapex software development kit (SDK). Using our platform means that you can focus on implementing your idea by focusing on the application software development – we have figured out the rest for you!

Our own automated application development efforts are focused on Python. You can find the open-source drivers from our GitHub site.

We have chosen ACQ4 as our default experimental software package, which is Python-QT based open-source software platform tailored for neuroscience applications (originally developed at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). It includes support for patch-clamp electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging, scanning laser photostimulation and many other experimental techniques, which have been developed for and validated in many research projects. It also includes automated workflows for the electrophysiology and imaging that we are developing together with our customers.

Sensapex firmware update tool for all uM products

  • Free software for firmware updates
  • Available as Windows x64 version
  • Please review the License Terms that govern any use of the firmware update tool
  • PC Connection Quick Guide now available to help you get started

Download Sensapex firmware update tool

Sensapex products are proprietary and patented (US 9,138,892, US 9,662,783, EP 2 776 215, US 10,427,292; EP 09851052.2, EP15906190.2, US 15/765,608, EP: 15906189.4). Automated patch clamp (US 9,498,293 and US 9,668,804) and pipette cleaning (US 15/232,770 and EP 16836035.2) products are manufactured under licenses from GTRC and MIT, U.S.A.