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  • uMp manipulators
  • SMX manipulators

ump micromanipulator operating manual

Please review the operating manual before installing and using the product.

uMp Software development (SDK) kit for PC control

SDK is available here for downloading. Please review included documentation and application examples to support development of your own PC control application.

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High Resolution Product Photos

Copyright Sensapex. All rights reserved. Note that the trademark of the product as well as Sensapex name must be clearly shown in all possible use.

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SMX brochures and operating manual

Please note that SMX products have been replaced by new uMp products in 2017. Full after-sales services are available for the SMX product customers.

SMX firmware updates

Please update your SMX micromanipulator and control unit firmware for optimal performance and latest features. Please make sure that you use the firmware files with the .hex extension when updating your micromanipulator.

Examples of using SMX SDK for PC control applications

These simple examples are shared to help developing custom applications for most commonly used software environments.

Python interface class is courtesy of Brendan Callahan and Alex Chubykin, The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.